Bend chair

Bend chair

Chair without easy access storage space? Bend chair is different. It has his own storage space, right where you want it: under your seating.

You can place books, magazines,… even notebooks want be a problem. ‘Bend’ can be used everywhere you want. In meeting rooms, waiting rooms, classrooms, at your home… If the ‘Bend’ chair is used for bigger places, the coloured strip can easily been changed into other colours, so you can place them in small groups. For example if you want to show where public, press, staff, … can take a seat… The chair can be made of plastic (moulded) or wood (pressed) with the tube frame.

This products was a shortlisted entrie during the premio vico magistretti ‘living simplicity in furniture design’ competition from Designboom and DePadova.

Premio vico magistretti – Designboom

– DePadova, Milan, 2007
– DePadova, Miami, 2007