I’m highly motivated, interdisciplinary designer based in West-Flanders, Belgium. I have a strong interest is surrounding fields of design, mainly interior, product, graphic and webdesign. This website is my personal portfolio where I keep some of my work.


Me, myself and I

Over the years, I have gained experience in advising clients with their interior, private and public areas. As an extension in advising and designing their interior, mainly in public projects, there was need of a corporate identity. Not only styling their logo and letterheads but also packaging and promo materials, such as websites, where done. In 2009 I started a course to develop my knowledge in xHTML, CSS and PHP.
In my sparetime, I learn about 3D printing, 3D visuals, VR, other program languages, ….
I keep myself updated about interiordesign styles through magazines, blogs, social media, …


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